Tacent is a collection of C++ source files designed to be the basis for a game engine or other interactive project. Tacent is being released under the permissive MIT-style ISC licence. Originally the code was the backbone of the Tactile 3D project.
Tacent View is a fast image and texture viewer/editor written in C++. Leverages the GPU for quick draw times. Built on DearImGui and the Tacent Library, Tacent View has solid support for common texture formats like tga, dds, ktx2, exr as well as more traditional formats like jpg and png.
The Proggy programming fonts website. This site is the home of the Proggy programmer's fonts including Proggy Clean, Proggy Square, Proggy Small, and Proggy Tiny. New for 2019 is the scalable programming font, Proggy Vector.
While Tactile3D is no longer available, the website is still alive to give an idea of the project. Basically it now serves as simply a work-example. Tactile was a 3D interface for browsing and modifying filesystems.
An old paper on priming an inductive learning system with domain knowledge to speed up the learning time as well as improve behaviour. It is a reasonable way to instantiate a neural network with prior knowledge. The method appears to outperform, in terms of training time, the KBANN algorithm.
A handy self encrypting/decrypting tool that requires no installation. It uses the symmetric 128 bit International Data Encryption Algorithm. This was written after reading the book Applied Cryptography by Bruce Schneier. Only source code and project files are provided because you shouldn't trust executables.
A circuit designed to pulse a model train track to sends messages to the engines. The PAL (Programmable Array Logic) is there to monitor for short circuits and temporarily shuts off power to the hexFET transistors if a problem is detected. The logic and power circuits are isolated using opto-isolators.
A MOD player written in C for Linux. Supports the original Amiga 4-channel mod files and converts them into simple PCM streams. Applies most of the supported mod effects and mixes channels appropriately. The downloadable version works on windows using the Port Audio library, but unlike the Linux version it is only mono.
A little paper describing the Neutral Theory of Genetic Evolution in which the majority of mutations are considered selectively neutral. Genetic Drift plays the primary role in fixing an alele in a population rather than the more traditional Natural Selection.
Some C code that does a good job playing Othello (AKA Reversi) using the minimax algorithm with pruning. The evaluation function is mine, seems to work well, but I doubt very original. See if you can beat it. Setting the 'ply' to about 10 results in a few seconds per move.
The HexFET circuit was co-created with Alex Lam.
The embedded Neuropol font is from Font Spring
The code browser for Tacent is from Woboq